Colorado Springs

Man caught red handed breaking into car at Red Rock Canyon

COLORADO SPRINGS - A man and woman have been arrested after police saw the man bust out a car window to steal a handbag at Red Rock Canyon Park.

The incident happened on June 29 at around 5:42 p.m.

Officers saw a suspicious vehicle driving through the park, so they followed it. They saw the vehicle park up next to one in the lot. Around 10 minutes later, a man got out of his vehicle and punched out the passenger window in the car next his. The man then reached in and pulled out a handbag. 

Police got our their patrol car and arrested the man, 27-year-old Kenneth Naranjo, and the woman driver, 32-year-old Mica Karr. The victim's purse was returned to her. 

CSPD wants to remind people to not leave their valuables in their vehicle or to at least keep them out of sight. 


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