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Man connected to murder case says he did nothing wrong

Man charged in murder case says he did nothing wrong

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - Murder suspect Jason Kover, 35, remains in jail with no bond, accused of fatally stabbing another man early Sunday morning.

Michael Adkisson, 33, was also arrested after the stabbing for, accused of being an accessory to murder.

Adkisson exclusively contacted KRDO Newschannel 13 on Monday to clear his name, saying he did nothing wrong.

If anything, he says he is a victim as well.

Adkisson claims it all started late Saturday night when Kover called him at home, asking him to cover over and hang out.

He said they are best friends, who work together and share an apartment.

Adkisson initially went back to bed, but later agreed to go over to Kover's mom's house and hang out.

Around 2:30am, Adkisson said he agreed to drive Kover to his girlfriend's house on Galley to check on her.

Adkisson says he intended to wait in the truck at the Quail Hill mobile home park, when Kover suddenly got into a fight with the victim.

"I ran out of the truck and shoulder checked both of them to break up the fight," explains Adkisson, "and we both got in the car and left, and the guy who died, he was still standing, and he was yelling for somebody to call the cops."

Adkisson thought it was simply a fistfight until they drove off.

Then when he began to lose feeling in his arm and noticed his shirt was sticking to his back from the bleeding, he realized he was stabbed on the back of his right shoulder.

They headed to Memorial Hospital where he received roughly a dozen stitches inside his skin and seven staples on the outside.

Immediately after the hospital released him, he was arrested.

Adkisson said he was in disbelief.

"Until the detective came and told me there was a homicide investigation, I had no clue that anyone else had even been stabbed except for me."

Adkisson claims neither he nor Kover had any intent to fight anyone on their way to the mobile home park, and didn't even know the man who Kover encountered.

"That was never, never, the anticipation to go there with anything violent in mind, period.  He was supposed to be there because he was worried about his lady, to talk to his lady, to make sure she was ok.  I agreed to take him over there, and everything went south."

Adkisson understands he appeared to be the "getaway driver" in the big picture, but he hopes once detectives understand his involvement, he will be cleared.

He also questions why officers interviewed him at the hospital immediately after he woke up from surgery and was still under heavy medication.

KRDO Newschannel 13 reached out to police to ask about that is and his other claims, but a spokesman said there is still an active investigation and no further details would be released at this time.

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