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Manitou Springs getting ready for future flood concerns

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Severe flooding in the past has caused millions of dollars in damage to the city of Manitou Springs and the city continues taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Several floods in the summer of 2013, a year after the Waldo Canyon Fire, caused millions of dollars in damage throughout Manitou Springs.

Since then though, the city of Manitou Springs wants to make sure flooding to that extent doesn't happen again.

Through grants, the city is working on improvement projects throughout the town in order to mitigate flood risks.

"For the past four years, it's had its ups and downs and obviously we had flooding in Manitou and we still have the risk of Manitou flooding, but we are always doing our best to get ahead of it," said Issac Brisk, a hazard mitigation and resilience construction observer with Manitou Springs.

The city says projects will continue here, with the hope that this town will never have to go through that catastrophic flooding again.


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