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Meet Liberty's Moz Doria

Moz Doria

"It's pronounced Mozamil Doria but everyone just calls me Mo," says Mo Doria. Moz Doria has a unique name and moving to the United States when he was a little boy from Egypt gave him a unique experience, "I'd never seen snow before. It was cool but I didn't like how cold it was," says Doria. He started playing basketball in Middle School when he challenged his current teammate Jacob Burns, "He challenged me to a one on one and I said alright sure," says Burns. "Oh I was awful though. I was horrible," says Doria, "The bell rang and he said he stopped playing but I made another lay-up to make it 8-8 tied it up but he said the bell rang and it didn't count," says Burns,  "Did you beat him? I mean I said he does he says he has a total different story but we all know I won," says Doria. From there their friendship blossomed and the pranks began, "Funny story our first game with him he actually fouled out and I was sitting on the bench next to him, telling him it's going to be alright he just can't play basketball again," says Burns.

These days Mo spends most of his time enjoying life and unifying those around him, "People gravitate to him he always has a smile he is such a positive person," says Liberty head coach Ivan Chambers.  "He's like the best friend you can find he's such a fun person to be around," says Sean Bohuslavsky. "Probably like the way my parents raised me they told me like don't be scared be confident but humble I guess I just have to give credit to my parents," says Doria.

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