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Meet the Colorado Springs Honor Guard

WATCH: Meet the Colorado Springs Honor Guard

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - We tagged along with the Colorado Springs Police Honor Guard, a distinguished unit comprised of 26 officers that volunteer their time to honor our fallen.

It's a distinct privledge for those who are chosen and voted on the guard.

"Your heart sinks when you hear that there was another officer and or deputy down," said Olav Chaney, the Honor Guard coordinator.

Chaney spent the last 25 years as a part of the guard.

"It isn't easy, but we make it work because we have too," Chaney said.

All of the men and women on the guard are volunteers and are typically from different units.

"It's our mission to give back to the brothers and sisters in blue," said Ed Crofoot, a member of the guard.

The honor guard typically performs in groups of seven, and as you can see each member has a specific role in the performance.

The drill requires perfect timing, precision, and repetition.

"We do the drills over and over and over again, and when we mess it up we stop and go back," Chaney said.

The group comes together as a symbol of respect for the law enforcement community.

"We are truly a family, we have to come together," said Crofoot.

One or two new members are voted on the honor guard every year. It's a selective process that requires a majority vote from all members.

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