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Memorial Hospital North celebrates anniversary with first baby born at hospital

Memorial Hospital North celebrates...

COLORADO SPRINGS - Memorial Hospital North celebrated its 10th anniversary on Tuesday.

To celebrate, the hospital held a surprise birthday party for the first baby born at the hospital.

Jase Krantz, who is, of course, 10-years-old now, arrived at the celebration in style. Two hospital employees picked her up from school in a Porsche.

Jase and her mom say they were both very surprised by the party.

"I think it's great. Oh my gosh, I’m a little overwhelmed still, but it's so fun to see Jase get recognized like that. She's such a great kid," said Nicole Andreas, Jase’s mom.

Jase is a huge hockey fan and is the only girl on her ice hockey team.

She got a lot of hockey-related gifts including several Avalanche jerseys. She even got a surprise visit from several members of the Colorado College hockey team.

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