Colorado Springs

New Springs resort brings in jobs and tourist dollars

Water park resort boosts economy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A new Colorado Springs waterpark is expected to bring in 500 jobs and tourist revenue to boost our local economy. 

It's the 14th addition to the Great Wolf Lodge Resort chain, located north off of Interquest Parkway.

The 90-million dollar project is now equipt with a 50,000 square-foot water park. The park includes: a playground, wave pool, and a six-story funnel slide, in addition to an adjacent adventure park.

The lot was previously vacant for eight years prior to its purchase in 2014.

"It's definitely exceeded our expectations, we honestly came down here for the water park," said Ashley Perillo. "But now we're playing mini golf, we're going to bowl next were going to hit the arcade."

Resort staffers said even though it took some time to market the jobs, it was worth it.

"Colorado Springs made it easy, there's such talented and caring people here," said James Anderson, General Manager of Great Wolf Lodges.

The good news for the springs: these jobs will be in the community 24/7.

"Unlike some seasonal places out there, occupancy is pretty steady throughout the year," said Chris LaScala, VP of Marketing for Great Wolf Lodges.

"From an employment standpoint that's really beneficial to the economy."

The Corporate Director of Food and Beverage, Chris Hammond, said they expect the food to entice more out-of-staters to make the trek.

"The easiest thing for us to do was the 'farm and table' concept which was to feature the community that supports us," said Hammond.

The entire facility took three years to construct.

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