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ONLY ON 13: Christmas baby warms family's heart

ONLY ON 13: Christmas baby warms...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A family is getting double the Christmas joy as their son was born Sunday at Memorial North Hospital in Colorado Springs.

The catch, this is the second of their kids to be born on Christmas and the fourth of their children to be born in December.


Matthew James Junior was born at 3:31 a.m. on Christmas morning, after Melissa Maestas' water broke before they had time to get one last present Christmas Eve.

"We still went to the mall and got some gifts even though her water was broke she soldiered through that for the kids," Matthew Vernon, Matthew's father said.

Matthew Jr. was born four weeks early, and only weighs six pounds. Hospital staff told his parents he was going to be NICU baby.


"He passed all their tests with flying colors, little superman," Maestas said.

The holidays haven't always been easy for the family Maestas' father died on Christmas Eve in 2013.


"He was Christmas to all of us, he was like the glue in the family, I tried to block out Christmas Eve and just get through for the kids," Maestas said.

But when Maestas' water broke Christmas Eve, she knew Matthew Jr. would change all that.


"It was pretty much a wink from heaven when my water broke, just like a nudge from my dad," Maestas said.

"He(Matthew) brought back all the joy into Christmas for us."


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