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ONLY ON 13: Students say they knew the boys accused of threatening Sabin Middle School

VIDEO Students say they knew the boys...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police are calling talk and a "kill list" made by two 13-year-old boys they made "credible threats". 

Students and parents at Sabin Middle School are on edge following the announcement Monday of an investigation made into the teens' activities. 

MORE: Two teens arrested after “Kill List” is discovered

Police haven't released how many names were on the boys' "kill list" but both student and faculty names were on the list. 

A call alerted most parents Monday morning to an email sent by District 11 that the two boys were arrested for making the list. The Colorado Springs Police Department started looking into the threats last Wednesday. Since then, guns have been confiscated as part of the investigation. 

"I was pretty taken aback by it," parent Heather Pelser said.

"He kept talking about guns and stuff like that," 8th-grade student, Nathan Huchim said. 

Huchim and Jorge Lopez, both 8th-graders at Sabin Middle School said they knew the two boys who were trying to carry out the plot. Both of their parents consented to allow their children to talk with us on camera.

"For, like, three weeks, he had been talking about shooting up the school," Lopez said. "From what he was going to bring and everything like that, pipe bombs and, like, his parent's guns." 

Huchim also adding his friend seemed off lately. 

"The last three weeks before he got arrested, he seemed pretty depressed," Huchim said. 

Huchim and Lopez, along with countless parents, are thankful the boys got caught. 

"You never know. It could have been like a Columbine thing all over again," parent Tina Seabold said. 

But many parents still wish the school told them sooner. 

"It really worried me that this was going on last week. They said they knew about it on Wednesday or Thursday. I actually saw the police officer here on Thursday and didn’t think much about it," Pelser said. 

"If they were investigating this, they should have let all the parents know there was an investigation going on and we’re all taking a risk by sending our kids to school," parent Summer Eberflus said. 

Eberflus said she never got an email or call about the investigation, even though she received other emails Monday about her daughter's performance in school. 

"It worries me why I didn’t get notified because this could be another incident like Littleton and I don’t want my daughter in that kind of a situation," Eberflus said. 

District 11 said that there is no school resource officer at Sabin, or any other middle school because funding for the position was taken away. An officer from Mitchell High School was brought in for the investigation. 

Both of the teens' were arrested and taken to Spring Creek Youth Services Center and are facing multiple felony charges.

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