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Partnership expanding school safety

Partnership expands school safety

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Sgt. Moses Cho is in charge of all school resource officers in the Fountain-Fort Carson School District, but his main focus is on the students.
"We'd rather they come and talk to us before they go out and do things that might affect them negatively in life and for their future," Cho said.
The district is already partnered with the Fountain Police Department, but now that partnership is expanding and concentrating on establishing relationships between students and law enforcement officers.
"Let them see growing up from an early age that we are approachable. That they could come to us and ask us for help despite what anybody else might say," Cho said.
Dr. Montina Romero says the district has had a drug program in place but wants to make it more real-life based.
"As just our community has grown, as things in the world have changed, as student needs have increased, the school district really met with the Fountain Police Department to make sure that we were addressing those needs adequately," Romero said.
With almost 2,000 students at the high school, safety and relationships go hand in hand.

"We know that with school safety, you can't change it after it happens. The best way to accomplish school safety is by being preventative so that it doesn't ever happen," Romero said.
That's exactly what these officers do every day, by knowing the students on a personal level and keeping the communication line open.

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