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'Peeping' AFA cadet to be given "under other than honorable conditions"

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. - An Air Force Academy cadet will receive one of the worst possible administrative characterization after he pleaded guilty to a court-martial of taking photographs of women without their consent. 

Former Cadet 4th Class Sammy Tawakkol will likely be given "under other than honorable conditions" characterization of his service and will be disenrolled from the Academy. 

He had already spent three and a half months at the Teller County jail and an additional six months of intensive mental health treatment as a punishment for his actions prior to the court-martial. 

Tawakkol was accused of "knowingly and wrongfully photographing the private areas of various females without their consent under circumstances in which the females had a reasonable expectation of privacy, indecent viewing, and failure to obey the order of a superior commissioned officer," according to the Air Force Academy. 

Two victims spoke during the hearing. They both addressed Tawakkol specifically and said:

"I would never have known about this if he hadn't been arrested."

"This deal does not remotely provide adequate punishment." 

"I forgive you and hope you find healing in the Lord." 

"This haunts my dreams and I have nightmares and have to check bathroom stalls before I use them now." 

"It hurts me that other women were affected."

The Air Force Academy stated that Tawakkol's actions will also trigger a sex offender registry notification requirement. He will actually be required to register as a sex offender will be determined by the state in which he lives and/or works.

The military judge sentenced Tawakkol to a reprimand, restriction for 2 months, and forfeiture of 2/3rds pay for 6 months. 


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