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Post inauguration, social media users finding new stress

Post inauguration, social media users...
From Donald Trump's inauguration Friday, to marches across the nation Saturday, social media is lighting up again with new content, and new comments. 
The tone is similar to what social media users say they saw before the election. 
"That's sort of why I got off Facebook," Eric Welsch said. 
Welsch ditched social media after the election because of comments from friends there. 
"It started getting so political that it just stressed me out a little bit," Welsch said. 
Others are still participating in the banter. 
"I'm really tired of looking at our phones," Austin Ramey said. 
Ramey and his wife are seeing their personal social media pages blow up with comments after they attended the March on Colorado Springs. The pair is responding to uncivil comments by sharing their point of view. 
"They have their mind set and they're just sticking with it," Ramey said. 
While some see the bickering return to social media, others are seeing it brighten up. 
"The majority of what we've been seeing has been so uplifting and positive and full of love," Patty Lopez said. 
But many still aren't feeling support but rather a nation divided. They hope the online community will return to
friendly social media chatter once again. 
"I think people will eventually get over it, I'm hoping for it," Welsch said. 
"It will kind of fizzle out because people will stop caring as much," Ramey said. 


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