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Power slow to return to Rock Creek Park residents

Power slow to return to residents...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - Hundreds of families on the southern edge of Colorado Springs hunkered down for a third night in the dark with no heat.

More than two days after the worst of the winds knocked out power to the Rock Creek Park community, about 650 customers of Colorado Springs Utilties were still without electricity.

That accounts for about 88% of the total customers whose service had yet to be restored.

Kyle Roundtree said on top of losing hundreds of dollars worth of food that spoiled without refrigeration, and struggling to keep his kids warm at night, his daughter's medical condition requires constant electricity, and that forced him to drive his car around the neighborhood to charge up batteries to run her equipment.

"I've had to go through two tanks of gas in my car just to charge battery banks so I can feed her and heat the house as much as I can and run electric blankets, so it's been aggravating to say the least," said Roundtree.

Crews with CSU have made tremendous progress over the last few days restoring power to most of the 20,000 customers who lost it Monday.

Spokesman Eric Isaacson said the Rock Creek Park area presents a number of challenges that delayed restoration there, including a very complex circult, a rural setting with difficult terrain, and an extensive amount of poles down that required replacement.

However, Isaacson told KRDO Wednesday evening they expected to have the power back within a few hours.

"Our goal is trying to get everyone up and running by midnight," he said, "I just got off the phone with the crews, they said the wind is picking up, so hopefully that doesn't cause any more issues, but they're working real hard to make that midnight deadline."

By 10pm Thursday, there were so many flashing lights it was difficult to count the number of utility trucks along Highway 115 near Fort Carson, all working to replace poles and re-energize the transmission and distribution lines.

Isaacson said CSU crews have worked 16-hour days since the repairs began Monday.

Anyone with medical needs and no power who is able to leave their home is encouraged to contact the American Red Cross for shelter at 1-800-417-0495.

Everyone else was left to decide for themselves whether to find somewhere else to stay or stick it out for what they hoped would be just one more night.

Click here to view the latest CSU outage map.

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