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Quicker response times for CSPD in April

CSPD Response Times for April

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs 911 operators take an average of 2,000 calls a day. When it comes to officers response time to those calls:

"Our goal is an eight-minute priority, one response time, eight minutes is still a lot of time but that's the standard CSPD has tried to reach for some time and now we're starting to make some gains towards moving that number down," said Lt. Howard Black, with Colorado Springs police.

Colorado Springs police released their response times for the month of April. The average response time for priority 1 calls is 11 min 41 sec with 48.24 percent of the time the first unit is on scene within eight minutes.

That's compared to 12 min 35 sec for April of 2016. The department is a minute faster this year compared to last year.

Black walked us through the call center, explaining why that number can fluctuate.

One- staffing shortages: a limited number of officers are available.
Two- size: Colorado Springs is the 40th largest city.
Three- prioritizing calls: a priority 1 call which is being in imminent danger has a response time of 11 minutes, where priority 2 non-life threatening, can take 20 minutes.

We asked locals how they feel about the average response time.

"It needs to be faster when someone's life is in danger they need to know somebody is on the way," said Paula Randall.

"I think the police department does a phenomenal job here I really do lived here my whole life, I think they're responsive, honest, they do the best job they can," said Joe Geanetta.

CSPD is working toward keeping the response number down.

"The officers feel the pressure they want to be responsive," Black said.

CSPD will hire 62 new officers this July, which will help with the staffing shortages.

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