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Race for the Cure: 3 sisters survive breast cancer

Race for the Cure 3 sisters survive...

COLORADO SPRINGS - The 2017 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is heading to Colorado Springs on September 10.

And each week leading up to the race, we're sharing stories of survival.

Karol Scott and her sisters Julie Edmunds and Karen McCormick are all breast cancer survivors. 

Karol was first diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago and more recently so were Julie and Karen.

"I was in shock, but I was also extremely grateful. A lot of people have asked me you know were you scared and look back a think you know a little bit but more I think my gratitude overshadowed my fear because I was so grateful that it was caught early," said Julie Edmunds. 

All three have a clean bill of health and will be volunteering at the Race for the Cure festivities.

The Race for the Cure hits Garden of the Gods on Sunday, September 10.

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