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Retired general weighs in on U.S. airstrike on Syria

Retired general weighs in on U.S....

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The U.S. airstrike on Syria raising a lot of questions over what's next and if it was the appropriate action in the first place. 

Nearly every American has seen the sights of the 59 Tomahawks.

Some people are concerned. 

"This is like slapping a bully, the bully goes home and thinks, 'God what can I do for revenge now?' That's where we are," Karen Gershanov said. 

Others say it's about time the U.S. took action. 

"I think we should have done something like that a lot sooner," Guy Akins said. 

Retired four-star general Gene Renuart said it's appropriate action. 

"In this case, I think the use of the Tomahawk missiles was a good tool," Renuart said. "Does that mean down the road we won't change the tools? No." 

He said the force brings the U.S. back to the world scene as a leader in security. 

"I think it repositions the balance of negotiation among both allies and friends and potential foes that we may have to deal with," Renuart said. 

Renuart also believes that President Trump set a precedent for other countries, like North Korea.

"I think you have a situation where the president said this is important. Do not cross this, I will react. And I think the same calculus might be occurring in North Korea today," Renuart said.

As far as how Russia will play into future talks of the region, Renuart said they can't be counted out.

"The Russians are going to express a strong strategic interest in some sort of presence in the region," Renuart said.

However, Renuart doesn't expect the situation to escalate further, as the U.S. did what it said it would do. 

"I don't think that we will see consequences that will be strategically significant," Renuart said.

Renuart also said he believes because of the urgent national security issue, the president acted rightly in not consulting Congress. But does say if there is time, the president should consult Congress. 


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