Colorado Springs

Two killed, two injured in shooting as active shooter situation ends in Colorado Springs

People being allowed to return home

Two killed two injured in shooting as active shooter situation ends in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two people are dead and two were injured in an overnight shooting at a townhouse complex at North Academy and Village Road South in northeast Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs police say the victims are a male and female. Officers confirm one of them is the shooter.

The two others who were injured are in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say they are looking to talk to a person who is unaccounted for and may have been in the townhome at the time of the incident, however they say that person is not a suspect.

The incident began as an active shooter situation at around 9 p.m.

"It really scared the hell out of me," said Minh Nguyen, who lives next door to the apartment complex.

When police arrived, they were shot at from the second floor of an apartment at 3835 Village Road South. 

"It happened so quickly, so many shots were fired at first responders," said Lt. Howard Black.

No first responders were hurt.

Police also found two people with gunshot wounds. One was shot in the midsection and the other had a gunshot wound to the leg. 

Once officers had the suspect confined to one area, they were able to get the two injured away from the scene and taken to a hospital. 

A Reverse 911 call went out to the nearby residents to shelter in place. That was lifted early Tuesday morning and people were allowed back in their homes. 

Neighbors tell us this was a drug deal gone bad.

"It's not just one group I'm talking about, it's several drug groups involved," said Nguyen. "They're not selling marijuana either, they're doing meth."

A large portion of N. Academy was closed for several hours as CSPD conducted their investigation. 

"It's just sad to me because this used to be such a good part of town and then all of a sudden there's been multiple shootings in the same place in less than a couple months," said Jazzmyne Albertsen, a witness. 

The investigation as to why this happened is still ongoing, but it's leaning towards a murder suicide situation.

We're awaiting to confirm that pending the autopsy reports.



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