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Robber strikes tenants at home, CSPD still looking for suspect

Robber strikes tenants while their home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A string of attempted robberies at a local apartment complex in northwest Colorado Springs has tenants feeling uneasy.

The robber is striking when the tenants are home.

CSPD reports there were a number of attempted robberies at Grand Centennial apartments:

1. 5200 block of Brodie Grove

2. 5200 block of Zachary Grove

3. 4500 block of Spring Canyon Heights

4. 5400 block of Flag way

Jaimie's story

It started as an ordinary morning, until Brush had an unexpected visitor come to her door.

"I was standing in the middle of the living room and my dog was sleeping on the couch," she said. "all of a sudden I watched the door knob turn and then my mind went completely blank."

Brush said all she could think of is keeping her one-year-old son Jacobi safe, so she went to grab her gun.

"I clicked the bullet into the barrel, and screamed some obscenities," she said. "As I looked through the peephole he was walking away." 

Brush said this incident along with the repeated crime in the area is forcing her to find a new home.

"Obviously we are moving, like that's not really a conversation anymore," she said.

Other residents disagree saying they have always felt safe at Grand Centennial.

"I've always felt safe and enjoyed the apartments so much," said Joan Buday. "People were very friendly. So it really took us back quite a bit. It was a big shock."

CSPD's investigation

"The individual that we're looking for is a white male somewhere between 5 ft. 5' and 5 ft. 10'. He's unkept and apparently has some type of a lip ring," said Lt. Howard Black.

Black said if anyone has any information on the case of the suspect to report it directly to CSPD's Crime Stoppers Unit.


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