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SCAMBUSTERS: Hackers secretly record voices to authorize charges

WATCH: Hackers secretly record voices...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - We all get them. Those annoying calls from random numbers wanting something from us. 

The problem is now scammers are using those calls as a way to get our money -- without us even knowing it.

How it works

Scammers will call addressing you by name, asking for voice confirmation to provide services for an inspection on your house.

They'll ask questions, trying to get you to answer 'yes' or 'no'. So they can use your voice to authorize charges or even open accounts in your name.

Meet Jon James

Jon James, a supervisor at American Medical Response, is used to getting dozens of calls a day working at the dispatch center.

"My phone rings constantly," he said.

But earlier this week, he got a call from a Peyton number that threw him off.

"Immediately my phone call was taken over by this gentleman on the other line saying: 'I'll be out to your place at your address, I just need your voice confirmation to go on your property,'" he said.

The tricky part is when they call - they'll have all of your information.

This makes it easy to believe the call is legitimate.

"They know my name, they know my address, they know where I live, and you know all that information is out there on the web," said James.

Before you know it -- you'll see charges on your account you didn't authorize.

How to avoid this

If you're skeptical about a number -- just Google it. You'll notice quickly if it's a scam by the comments.

Det. Jon Price, with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, explains silence is the best solution.

"If you think you're being scammed by something like this -- it's just best to hang up immediately and not say anything," he said.


Bottom line, even if you're on 'Do Not Call Lists' -- that doesn't mean scammers can't reach you. 
Plus, just because it's a 7-1-9 number, that doesn't mean it's someone actually calling from our area. 

How to report a scam

Email me at We'll investigate.




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