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SCAMBUSTERS: New twist to old lottery scam

SCAMBUSTERS: New twist to old lottery...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - We've all heard it before, the typical phone scam claiming you've won a million dollars, but you just have to pay a fee up front. It may be the oldest scam in the books, but it's back with a new twist.

Lottery phone scam

"The first day he called 25 times, and the second day he called 19 times," Caroline Sintas said.

Sintas got this voicemail from a scammer: "Caroline what are you trying to do? Take the money. Are you trying to be a crook?"

The voice belongs to a stranger who has called Sintas 46 times in the last two days. 

Why? Because Sintas wasn't falling for his lottery scam. 

"I got a call from Tony Wallace telling me that my husband had won $1.5 million, $200 in cash, and $5K a month for the rest of his life," she said.

In order to get the money, the caller said all they needed was a down payment of $195.

"I said you can't get it from me, I have no money," she said.


The scammer even said a news crew like KRDO would come to Sintas' door to film the check being delivered - but - that was all fake.

Bottom line

Random calls from strangers about winning millions are bogus. 

If they try to send you money, realize that's their attempt to loop you into the scam.




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