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SCAMBUSTERS PART 3: Scary twist to unemployment scams

SCAMBUSTERS - Scary twist to...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - We've all seen them. Those job listings promising thousands of dollars for easy tasks you can do right in your own home.

These scams are back  -- now targeting victims through legitimate job sites.

How it works

After researching their victims, scammers will call offering a job - making it seem like a real, high-paying opportunity. 

Then they'll usually send you money to "buy equipment" for the position and offer training. But the catch? You have to pay a fee for the training.

The trick is the check they sent you will bounce, so you're out the money. That's the scam.

How it's advancing 

Hackers will typically target their victims who have already applied on legitimate websites. Before calling you, they'll know previous jobs you've had, where you live, and personal information listed on your resume.

Meet Patrick 

After being retired for the past ten years, Patrick Kertson is looking for a new job.

"Recently, I started looking for work from home. Something I can do in my spare time, since I'm going to school and taking care of my two sons," he said.

Kertson applied on sites like '' and '' to be a data specialist. Within a few days, he got calls from people claiming to be a recruiter for these sites.

"It seemed real at first, they started asking me questions about my resume and asking me questions about my skill set," he said.

Scammers sent Kertson a check to buy equipment and then requested a fee for the training. But the check they gave him bounced. That's how the scam works.

"How would you know it wasn't real?" he said.

Tips and tricks

Det. Jon Price with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office explains if your curious if a scammer is on the other line -- just listen to their voice.

"Every time I get a call from somebody I don't know and they're very aggressive or demanding. I know that's time to stop and pause for a second," he said.

Note: These scams often lead to identity theft. If you fill out a fake application, including your social security number or bank account information -- they may use that to open accounts in your name.



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