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School and business closings: How Colorado Springs spent its snow day

School and Business closings: How...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The winter storm had a big impact on schools and businesses in Colorado Springs as quite a few of them were careful not to put their students or workers in danger.

Many people instead spent the day indoors or taking advantage of the chance for some winter weather fun.

"We're going to play outside, then go inside and warm up with some tea," said Jessica Sanders, a parent.

For the Sanders family, who just moved to Colorado Springs from Texas, this was their first snow day.

"They've never seen snow before. They're really excited. They were all hoping for this," Sanders said.

Another family chose to spend their snow day indoors.

"We made hot chocolate because it's snowing out and we want to be warm," said 7-year-old Aiyanna.

Aiyanna is one six siblings who likes to spend her snow days making her favorite hot chocolate.

"You need some chocolate syrup and some tiny marshmallows. I love it because I get to hang out with my family and watch movies and stay up late," she said.

From schools to businesses, there were all types of closures. Some stores closed completely, while others got a late start.

"It's interesting. Sometimes it'll be a beautiful day and it'll be slow, and sometimes on a snow day like this we'll get slammed because there's nowhere else to go," said Chef Robert "BB" Brunet, of Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen.

One student turned the snow day into her own business.

"I'm shoveling driveways to make money," said Anna Mechaley.

She tried to make the most of her day, because she knows snow days don't come often.

"Maybe, like, once a year," Mechaley said.

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