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"Second Chance Through Faith"

Former Gangster from Colorado Springs Helps Teens

Second Chance

COLORADO SPRINGS -  Esteban Medina knows the gang life first hand. For 18 years Medina says he embraced the thug life until his near death experience.

"In 2008, I got diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease. I went to the hospital and they told me I was going to die that, I had three months to live.

Not being able to turn to his street friends Medina knew it was time for a change.

"It was a complete transformation that happened in my heart and mind,”  even when doctors told him he had a 5-percent chance of survival.

 Overcoming death led Medina to create Second Chance Through Faith, offering another path for troubled teens. "A lot of these kids we come across, they're dealing with the same thing they're struggling at home they come from broken homes. They see things at an age they shouldn't be seeing."

Medina and his wife Lisa, once street couples are now extending a helping hand.

"I believe we are advocates for the youth," says Esteban.

"We found our second chance through faith and in God and [we are not]  trying to force God on the kids but that's where we are personally we feel this program wouldn't be where it is today without the faith piece in it we are faith based."

16-year-old Lorenzo Myers has lived a troubled life but now he, too, has found his second chance.

"Getting locked up and being taken away from the ones I love it hurt me and seeing them go through [that] not only was I affecting myself I was affecting them so like that kind of made me realize like that others care about me"

Through mentorship, bible studies, and other fun activities, the Medina’s hope teens see that there is more to life than street love.

For more information on this organization visit Second Chance Through Faith.

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