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Sentence reduction denied for woman who dragged tow truck driver

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - Detra Farries will not receive a reduced sentence for the 2011 dragging death of a tow truck driver.

Farries, 38, filed a motion in October seeking a reduction in her prison time.

She is serving a 20-year sentence after a 2012 conviction for manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The victim, Allen Rose, 35, a military veteran and father of two children, was caught in a cable while trying to tow Farries' SUV and was dragged for more than a mile by Farries when she left the scene to avoid being towed.

Authorities say Rose bled to death just east of the intersection of Platte Avenue and Powers Boulevard.

Defense attorneys said Farries didn't know Rose was caught in the cable, but judges during the 2012 trial and an unsuccessful appeal hearing in 2013 said there was enough evidence to prove Farries should have been alerted by the sound of the dragging cable, Rose's screams, honking from passing drivers, and a wide trail of blood behind her.

Rose's death led to the passage of a state law that makes it illegal to remove a tow truck driver's sign from a vehicle about to be towed and requires drivers to yield to stationary tow trucks.

Farries is eligible for parole in May 2020.

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