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Star Wars fans flock to Rogue One premiere

Fans flock to Star Wars: Rogue One...
Likely the biggest blockbuster of the holiday season opened Thursday night at theaters in Southern Colorado and everywhere.
"Rogue One", the latest in the Star Wars series, drew out both the young and old in force.
The Century IMAX theater along Powers was packed with not only moviegoers, but some of the more popular saga characters in full costume.
Jason Winter, dressed as a "Tie Pilot" said he feels fans are more excited about "Rogue One" than the previous film in the series.
"It's much more than we had when The Force Awakens was released," he said.
The latest installment is not a sequel to The Force Awakens, episode 7.
Rogue One is being called episode 3.5, because it falls between episodes 3 (2005) and episode 4 (1977).
Kevin Christley, dressed as "Director Krennic", explained the plot of Rogue One.
"So they steal the plans for the Death Star in order to hand them over to Princess Leah," he said.
But Christley and other fans don't believe this offshoot will alienate anyone who hasn't seen the entire series.
"Even if they're never seen a Star Wars movie before, it's a good standalone movie," said Christley.
Rogue One is also a test to see if the storyline appeals not just to longtime fans like Tim Grevelin, who built his own R2D2 robot, but the next generation of moviegoers, like Henry Holz.
"I've been a fan ever since I was four, when my mom and dad first showed it to me," said Holz.
Grevelin added, "I think it's actually going to do both in that respect, because the old school folks are going to remember the old stories.  And then bringing in the newer generation or may or may not know the old stories, so this is going to give them a lead-in into what's going on with the future stories."
The film is rated PG-13.

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