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Teachers, Parents, and Children prepare for active shooter in Colorado Springs training

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It is hard for anyone to think about how they may react if they find themselves faced with an active shooter.

 But if someone with a gun entered your school or work, are you prepared for it? Dozens gathered in Colorado Springs today to find out.

Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness hosted an interactive seminar that was free to the community. 

Teachers, kids, and parents practiced throwing punches, kneeing, and working together to take down an "active shooter."

The martial arts instructor Isaac Costley teaching the seminar says these techniques are aimed at making people prepared, not paranoid.

"First we take you through the technique, then we take you through the flight and fight syndrome, that adrenaline dump so you are familiar with it so you can see that your body and your mind would choose to fight and when you choose to fight you choose to survive," said Costley.


Blaring gunshots and screaming sound effects over the loudspeakers to get people in a high-stress mindset. Costley says, "We're trying to get you to feel as though as soon as you come in here you are going to feel stress and tension."

Run, hide, fight is one of the themes of the seminar.  If you can, run away from the scene, if not hide in a secure area that will protect you from gunfire, and fight if it's your last resort. Costley says it's not about being a hero, it's about being smart.

A scenario that was also practiced focused on what to do if a shooter were to enter a classroom or office called, distract, attack, smother, cover. Participants lined up on both sides of the door as the 'gunman' enters the room. They throw any objects they can to distract the shooter, everyone then tackles them to the ground and stay on the shooter not letting them move until authorities arrive.

More seminars are planned during June.

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