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Teen raps about bullying struggles

Spreading a message of hope!

Teen writes about her bullying struggles

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Picked on by classmates a teenage girl in Colorado Springs wrote a rap about her struggles. She hopes the song will lift up others who are being bullied. KRDO News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado shares her story

[Music] "Dear Mr. Bully, why are you so mean? You come over and push me and create a big scene."

As a budding rapper, you could say Elexia Vialpando is good with words but she also knows words can hurt.  The teasing started with this black sweater.

“I got this sweater through a friend that left during my seventh grade year,” says Elexia.

And then she says things got worse, “They would call me like fat and ugly and that I meant nothing to society. I was also told to go kill myself in the 6th grade.”

Things got so bad Elexia he considered the unthinkable. "[The] first time I was ever told to kill myself. So I was thinking about it.”

But the one thing that kept Elexia going was her writing, so she wrote a rap.
[Music] “All you want to do is fuss and fight and I wonder how you think you’re right."

Her rap was recorded in a professional music studio in Colorado Springs and her mother put the video together.

Elexia’s rap talks about her bullying experience and reminds others they’re not alone. “I just want to spread a message around the world because I know there's kids out there that are being bullied and like killing themselves because of it,” explains Elexia.

[Music]: “There’s others like you so please make the choice to make a call...”

At the end of the song her mother shares the suicide prevention number. Danyelle Campos says the hotline number had to be shared.

“We just thought it would be better for the suicide awareness just because of all the suicides that have happened,” says Danyelle.

Now, Elexia hopes her writing will save someone else's life, like it saved hers.

“If I didn’t write the music, I wouldn’t be here today.”


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