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Teen who confessed to killing younger siblings in Colorado Springs will go to trial

COLORADO SPRINGS - A video of a teen confessing to killing his younger brother and sister was played in an El Paso County courtroom on Friday.

The video, which was played during a hearing for Malik Murphy, showed him admitting to an investigator that he stabbed his 7-year-old brother Noah and his 5-year-old sister Sophia.

Murphy held his head low in the courtroom while that portion of the video was played. 

The parents were also in court with the father's arm around the mother. 

The incident happened last October at the family's home on Carlisle Street, which is north of downtown Colorado Springs.

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Murphy told the investigators he couldn't stop thinking about killing people. He said he had been diagnosed with depression and anti-social disorder and had visited multiple psychiatric hospitals.

Just a week before the murders, Murphy said he told a professional that he was having homicidal ideations. 

In the video, Murphy also said he wanted to be by himself and planned to bury his family in the backyard.

The judge ruled that Murphy will go to trial, but the date hasn't been announced. He will be arraigned in April. 

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