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The Air Force football team conducts first practice of the year

Air Force first football practice of...

32 seniors gone and a long road ahead, this newest group of fly guys relished their first day back on the field together, You start from the ground, and in this case fortunately we were able to be outside and literally on the grass and on the ground," says Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun.

This year's group of seniors are already leaving their imprint on the team, "How many people get to do this you know. I'm coming out here, like I said, this is my last season, I want to have fun and enjoy the process," says Tyler Williams.

Similar to the football team to their north, many eyes will be on the quarterbacks at Falcons camp,
"I always want to lead by example, want to be the first guy on the field and the last one to leave the locker room, watching film and whatnot," says Arion Worthman.

It seems like Worthman's job to lose, as he led Air Force to a bowl win down the stretch last year, but senior Nate Romine is still in the mix,"We both push each other on and off the field, in the QB room and whatnot. I love having Nate out here, we just compete. He makes a great throw, I make a great throw, he makes a great read, I make a great read. I love having Nate out here," says Worthman.

Sounds like the definition of friendly competition, either Worthman or Romine will likely be under center as the Falcons open up their season on September 2nd against V-M-I.


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