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The time the Patriots spent a week in Colorado Springs

The time the Patriots spent a week in Colorado Springs

In mid November the New England Patriots were the Colorado Springs Patriots or the Pikes Peak Patriots for five days as they practiced in the shadow of our awe inspiring mountains and on the surface of Falcon Stadium, "All these experiences are pretty unique," says Tom Brady.

It was a unique experience for us, as we witnessed the now AFC champs and there sharp focus led by a legendary head coach Bill Belichick who's team never seems to have their heads in the clouds. Belichick roamed the Academy grounds in his trademark cut off sleeves, pencil in ear as he spoke glowing about military life,"Look the kids who come out of here operate the highest technological and sophisticated equipment in the world at a high level. Yet what they do and how they trained to do it's just a little bit different and it's special," says Belichick.


Tom Brady didn't wear a glove on his throwing hand that week,  as his passes went flying through the thin air at Air Force. His plays calls echoed in Falcon Stadium. Honestly and this is hard for me to admit, after being around Brady, it is more difficult not to admire and like him, he graciously stopped to take pictures and selfies , gave fist bumps and signed autographs for people at the Academy and he came off like every other married man, even though he is married to a super model."You know my family is not here my kids aren't here there's nobody telling me what I did wrong," says Brady.

The Patriots are hoping everything goes right on Super Bowl Sunday so Gronk can take off his shoes and, "Yo soy fiesta baby." says Rob Gronkowski.

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