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Traffic fatalities increase in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs recorded its 14th traffic fatality this week. Last year at this time there were only 11. Drivers are noticing the change on the roads too. 

"I've been passed in the breakdown lane I've had people cut me off with my young kids in the car," driver Daniel Bennett said. 

From crazier turns, higher speeds, and more distracted driving, people aren't happy to see an increase in dangerous driving on Colorado Springs roads. 

"I commute every day on I-25 and I just see a lot of people not paying attention or tailgating a lot," driver Lori Riggs said. 

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Road rage is making headlines in Colorado Springs as well this week. 

"I'm going to blame it on society because people need to get where they need to get and it needed to be yesterday. Just nobody has patience anymore," driver Adrienne Carpenter said. 

"Summer is the deadliest season on Colorado's roads, in part because of impaired drivers who choose to get behind the wheel," Col. Scott Hernandez, chief of the Colorado State Patrol said in a statement from Colorado Department of Transportation. 

"People truly believe they own the road and they no longer care about their fellow man out there with them," Bennett said.

CDOT reports last year June, July and August had the highest number of deadly crashes involving impaired drivers, which was more than a third of all deadly roadway crashes during those months. 

"Everybody wants to have fun and have a good time, but you need to think if you're going to be on the road you need to limit yourself," Riggs said. 

Drivers hope people will think twice before getting behind the wheel. 

"You need to think about not only yourself but other people," Riggs said.

CDOT, CSP and local law enforcement are increasing patrols and checkpoints because of last year's high DUI death toll, from now through next Monday. 

It's part of their "Heat is On" campaign. 


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