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Trailer still on I-25 after blowing over

Trailer still on I-25 after blowing over
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In most any accident, debris is left behind. But not like what was left on I-25 and Fillmore Street.. 
"The owner's going to have to pay for you know removal of everything and get it out of there so it's not on our state highway." Said Brad Bauer the Colorado Department of Transportation maintenence supervisor.
A truck hauling a modular home lost its load because of gusty winds. It backed up traffic for hours at the northbound I-25 and Fillmore onramp. The wreckage was supposed to be removed immediately. But the company out of Fort Lupton needed more time.
"It doesn't sound like they're going to have to do any lane closures or anything, they can do pretty much anything from the gore point right there. Be gone by hopefully later (Thursday)," Bauer said.
On gusty days, truck driving instructor Mark Haefner says truckers have to be especially on their toes.
"There's nothing more important than your life, you know, that load and that truck isn't worth it," Haefner said.
Haefner said the biggest difference between driving a truck and a car is the distance from the ground, which can act like a sail on a large truck.
"A sudden gust can catch that driver by surprise and next thing you know, he's swerving over and into you," Haefner said.
Haefner's best advice on windy days is to give truckers extra time and space.

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