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UCCS responds to controversial newsletter targeting veterans

COLORADO SPRINGS - A newsletter posted around the University of Colorado Colorado Springs targeting veterans has stirred a mix of emotions throughout the entire community.

The Social Justice Collective Weekly published an article by Terry Steinawitz this week, raising the question "Should Veterans Be Banned from UCCS and Other Universities?"

The article is pointed towards veterans stating,"A four-year, traditional university is supposed to be a place of learning, of understanding, of safety and security. However, there is an element among us who may be frustrating those goals: Veterans." 

The author goes on to say that veterans do deserve an education but only at trade schools or community colleges. 

To read the full article: 

Being that Colorado Springs is such a large military community, this article and publication have been met with a lot backlash. 

In a statement released by the University's Chancellor Venkat Reddy, he says that while the University does not want to deny the freedom of speech, it also wants to make clear to the public that it doesn't agree with the words written in the article. 

"...we recognize the right of people to express their viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are offensive to many in our community," said Venkat Reddy, UCCS Chancellor. "Beyond the fact that the authors’ position is illegal, it is also wrong... Veterans are positive and valued members of our academic and campus community. They bring experience and viewpoints that enrich our discussions."

To read the full statement, click here

According to a spokesperson with the University, the author is not a student or an employee with the school. The Social Justice Collective Weekly is not even a UCCS registered organization. 

While no direct action can be taken by the University, the chancellor's statement has been placed on the same bulletin board where the original article appeared. 


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