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Victims of Equifax data breach: "Someone has my identity, I've lost everything"

Victims of Equifax data breach...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Some are calling it the worst scam our nation has ever seen. The Equifax data breach that compromised the safety of 143 million consumers is stirring up the conversation: what's next?

"It breaks my heart, I don't know what I'm going to do - they have everything," said Gary Barben, a victim of the breach. "I've already had to pay for this once."

Meet the Barbens

Barben and his wife Christina have contacted the credit reporting agency dozens of times with no response.

"It's scary at this point, I'm already seeing charges." said Barben.

In response to the breach - Equifax has offered free credit card freezes and credit monitoring.

But the problem is, trying to make it on that list is not easy. 

"Why do they advertise that, if they aren't going to do it?" he said.

The two happened to be watching the news when they got word.

"You never think this happens to you - you always think this happens to somebody else," said Christina Barben.

 It turns out - they are two of the 143 million Americans - left with sensitive information exposed. 

The company did offer to initiate credit freezes, making it harder for someone to hack an account.    
"I found that it was impossible for us to use the Equifax credit freeze, all they allow you to use is an automated system."

What's worse? If the Barbens' are able to get through, they won't be eligible to join a lawsuit against Equifax.

Equifax didn't respond to our multiple requests for an interview or clarification. But there is something you can do to protect yourself:

Note: You can also place a fraud alert on your files. It's a free service and will warn creditors to verify anyone seeking credit in your name.

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