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Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary rescues cats from shelters impacted by Harvey

WATCH Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary rescues cats from shelters impacted by Harvey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As more animals are saved from Harvey floodwaters, one local organization stepped in to take some of the cats that needed to be moved out of the shelters in the Houston area.

Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary traveled to Texas and picked up 51 cats and kittens. The group arrived back in southern Colorado on Saturday.  

All of the cats will be either fostered, adopted or placed in the sanctuary here in Colorado Springs.

Volunteers with Wild Blue said that with so many rescues coming in from the floods, shelters are becoming too full, putting the animals in danger of being euthanized.

Wild Blue said all of the cats brought back to the Colorado Springs area were surrendered, or already up for adoption. Volunteers say there were many steps taken to make sure none of the cats in the group could have been an animal that an owner might be looking for.

When the cats arrived in southern Colorado area, they were checked by a vet, tested for diseases, and given flea and tick treatments.

Cats that needed to be treated for illness are being given that care before they can be adopted. For some of the special needs cats, they were placed with foster families until they can be adopted.

Wild Blue is a no-kill organization, so volunteers were able to remove some of the cats in the most desperate situations that shelters may have otherwise turned down or euthanized.

A few people from the organization took the round trip of 51 hours to bring the cats to the area.

It was awesome. Our motto is to save precious lives, and that's what we are all about, so anytime we have an opportunity to go out and pull them from a dangerous situation-- and that danger could be being euthanized in a shelter as opposed to drowning in a flood. Either way, obviously they are in danger, said Wild Blue Executive Director Lauri Cross.

All of the cats were given new names of locations in Texas, like cities or streets.

To adopt a kitten (5 months or younger), the fee is $95, and to adopt an adult cat, the fee is $75. The fee covers vaccines, spay/neuter, microchipping, and medical attention needed before adoption. 

If you are looking for more information about how to adopt one of the cats from the Houston rescue, foster, or donate to Wild Blue, you can find all the information on their website.

You can also contact them via phone at 719-900-CATS.

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