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Wind damage leaves Lathrop State Park without power

WALSENBURG, Colo. - Lathrop State Park stayed open Saturday with only partial power, which impacted sales of licenses, credit card transactions, restrooms, and phones.

The park lost power after the wind storm swept through southern Colorado late Thursday and Friday morning.

Park Manager Stacey Lewis said the park will remain open, but the staff is unable to conduct credit card transactions.

“We are fortunate that our park received minimal damage from this storm,” Lewis said. “Although we can only do cash and check transactions, the overall visitor experience should still be enjoyable here."

Lake Pueblo State Park was also affected by the storm. Several docks at the Northshore Marina were destroyed, at least one boat was sunk and others damaged. 

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At Lathrop, some campers were trapped inside the park a short time because power lines were blown down across all access roads. But utility crews quickly shut off the power and the roads were reopened.

“We haven’t been given any word when our power will be restored,” Lewis said. “We do have power to one loop of our campgrounds. But the rest of the park is without power.”

With phones out, park staff is relying on a single cell phone for communication. If the public needs to call Lathrop, they can reach staff by calling (719) 859-1440.

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