Cops Fired After Beating Are Rehired, Victim's Family Shocked

Victim's Father Urges Good Officers To Step Up

PUEBLO, Colorado - The two Denver police officers who lied and were fired after the brutal arrest of a Pueblo County Sheriff Deputy's son could be heading back on the job.

It all appears to be because of a technicality. The Civil Service Commission found the officers' original 3 day suspensions shouldn't have been changed. Finding that the Denver Manager of Safety "lacked the authority" to rescind the original disciplinary action and fire them like he did.

As you can imagine the victim's dad is not happy Anthony DeHerrera says the video speaks for itself, and it proved the officers lied in their reports. He says letting the former cops back on the force is not justice.

"I plea that the officers in Denver that are good officers, come forward and say 'enough is enough and we don't want to work with these guys we don't want to be near them because they're scumbags,'" DeHerrera tells KRDO Newschannel 13, "step forward and say they don't want to work with them because they're tarnishing their badge."

DeHerrera says he also pled with the Denver District Attorney to file charges in the case, but the DA refused, saying there wasn't enough evidence.

The Denver Manager of Safety agrees with Deherrera. He doesn't think the fired officers should be back on the force. This could all end up in district court.

The Mayor of Denver says tonight the city will appeal the Civil Service decision to reinstate the officers. The Associated Press reports, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced Wednesday that the city will "vigorously challenge" the Tuesday decision by the Denver Civil Service Commission to reinstate Officer Devin Sparks and Cpl. Randy Murr. Hancock says the city will also try to stay the officers' reinstatement pending an appeal.

Statement From Denver Manager of Public Safety:

The Civil Service Commission reinstated Officer Sparks and Officer Murr. In response to this decision, Manager of Safety, Ashley Kilroy said:

"I cannot and do not tolerate excessive force in our city's safety agencies or departing from the truth by any of our employees. I stand by Manager Garcia's decision to terminate Officer Sparks and Officer Murr and I do not agree with the Hearing Officers' decision to overturn their termination. However, I respect the process that led to that conclusion and will support the city attorney's office's determination of next steps."

Officer Sparks and Officer Murr will undergo the reinstatement process and will be placed in non-line (off-street) assignments upon their return.

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