Could a safe space for heroin users be the answer to opioid epidemic in Pueblo?

VIDEO Could a safe space for heroin...
PUEBLO, Colo. - It's an idea in the beginning stages for Denver: a place where drug users could inject with supervision and in a sterile environment. 
Supporters say the safe injection facilities mean less public injection and fewer needles lying around, which mean less spreading of disease. 
"It's almost like a needle exchange program on steroids actually," Dr. Michael Nerenberg said. 
Nerenberg runs the needle exchange program in Pueblo. He said there are dozens of safe injection facilities around the world similar to the one that's being promised in Denver. 
He said he thinks the idea would work well in Denver, where there are areas highly concentrated drug abuse.
However he doesn't think the idea would work well in Pueblo because most drug use is spread throughout the city. 
"I'm not sure that people would come to one place," Nerenberg said.

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