John Elway for governor? Some Republicans make push for 2018

Elway for governor?

Colorado Republicans are looking at a former Broncos quarterback to possibly run for governor.

The gubernatorial seat will open up in 2018.

Republican strategist Robert Blaha says rumors of Elway on the ballot have been swirling since this summer. Blaha says Elway's business experience is second to none. He also calls him "world class" and "very involved in the community."

However, as far as political experience goes, fans have mixed opinions.

"John Elway running for governor? Alright. Republican? Even better!" said Connie Cano, Broncos fan. "He's down to earth, a straight shooter... Saw some of his games, like the way he runs the organization and I think he would run Colorado just as good as he runs the Broncos."

"I love John Elway, I love what he's done, I grew up into the 90's," Jason Sisneros explained. "Powerful man, powerful image, but I think that should be left to some one with a bit more political experience."

KRDO NewsChannel 13 emailed Elway's representative, and received no response on if he was considering the run.

"I think the only person that knows if he's going to run is John Elway," said Blaha.

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