The ATF is cracking down on gun thefts in Colorado

WATCH ATF cracks down on gun thefts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Sixteen people are facing gun theft charges after a series of robberies across Colorado. 

The Colorado U.S. Attorney's office and the ATF have teamed up with local law enforcement to track down crews breaking into stores across the state. 

The people accused of robbing Dragonman Arms and Top Dollar Pawn Shop in Colorado Springs are apart of the 16 being federally charged. 

The ATF says the 400 guns that have been stolen so far this year are likely going right into the hands of criminals. 

The Pueblo Police department sees this often, Capt. Kenny Rider said. 

"The guns that are stolen are used as a commodity. They're basically traded or used to purchase other illicit items," Rider said. 

The issue of illegal guns on the streets in Pueblo is so big, two detectives are dedicated to working in the ATF Gun Task Force to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

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