Autistic boy found in home filled with dead rodents, human feces

Two arrested after boy found in deplorable conditions

Former Council member denies allegations of poor conditions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police arrested two people after finding an autistic boy in a home with deplorable conditions.

KRDO has confirmed that former Colorado Springs City Councilman Charles Wingate and Sharon Starkey were arrested on misdemeanor charges of child abuse.

Police say they responded to a "check the welfare" call at 6120 Corinth Drive in Colorado Springs around noon Thursday and found a 13-year old naked autistic boy in the home.

The home was extremely unsanitary with live and dead rodents and human feces, police said.

Code Enforcement responded and immediately condemned the house as unsafe for living, according to police.

The boy was removed and cared for at a local hospital until the Department of Human Services took legal custody of him, according to police.

The boy stated he is an only child, home-schooled, and does not remember ever being outside the house, said police.

Neighbors said they have not seen the boy outside in several years.

"The last time I saw the child was two or three years ago," said Kevin Depp. Depp said his 14-year-old son and Wingate's used to go to the same elementary school.

The parents were not home during this investigation.

Wingate talked to our ABC affiliate, KMGH, in Denver.  "He is not someone who likes to go outside a great deal. It has been cold for the last couple of weeks, to my memory, so he probably hasn't been outside to play. Has he been outside? Of course. He's been outside to get in my car and transport places with me and mom, so yes, he's been outside, but in terms of going outside and playing or doing any kind of recreational activities outside, yeah, that's probably an accurate statement," said Wingate.

He also wouldn't say much on the conditions at the home.  Only to say," There are some rodents in the house; I don't know where they came from. There may be some dead rodents. Feces all over the house? I don't believe that's an accurate statement."

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