Black Forest community reacting to murders

A side of Kenneth Lankford revealed

Learning more about a suspected killer

BLACK FOREST, Colo - People who knew Kenneth Lankford react to what investigators are referring to as a murderous crime spree.  Lankford is accused of killing his wife Terry and shooting Tom and Carol Fowler last weekend.  Carol Fowler died. 

Eric Aeschliman owns Black Forest Automotive.  He told me that Kenneth Lankford was a customer.  He talked with him two to three times and his description of Lankford was, "Seemed a little edgy sometimes when he was here."  Aeschliman also knew Philip Hosmer.  Hosmer and his wife Barbara were also customers and he did have a personal relationship with them saying about Hosmer, "Good people, good folks.  Philip has done a lot for the community."  Investigators believe Lankford stole Hosmer's vehicle.  It still has not been found. 

Just across the way from Black Forest Automotive is Table Rock Llamas Fiber Art Studio.  Kristine Hill is the owner.  She's been in the Forest for nine years.   She remembers a unique link to this tragedy relaying this story to me. "I had about a month ago looked at the Fowler house.  There was an open house sign.  It was up for sale."

Hill and Aeschliman both agree the Black Forest is a great place to work and Eric added this tragedy makes you think about watching out for your neighbors, "It makes you more aware of what's going on around you."

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