Colorado Springs family reaction to explosions

Runner reaction and her Mom's reaction

Springs woman safe after marathon explosions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Cassidy Nelson ran the Boston Marathon and then heard the blasts 30 minutes later.  She told me on the phone from Boston, "It was a huge blast, the ground shook and 20 seconds later there was another blast and the ground shook again."  Cassidy is a Cheyenne Mountain High School and C.U. Colorado Springs graduate.  She talked about what was running through her mind as she heard those blasts, "It's awful.  I'm thankful I didn't start walking when my body was ready to give out.  I'm scared for the families.  I pray that everyone is safe."

Gayle Nichols was in Colorado Springs when she got the call from her 31 year old married daughter, Cassidy.  She told me she felt something was wrong when the conversation with her daughter started with, Mom I'm okay.   Gayle told me, "I'm a Mom and Cassidy has three kids and when she called she said Mom all I want to do is come home and be with my kids."  Gayle added, "I can't imagine my Grandchildren being without a Mom now.  Cassidy realizes how close she was."

Gayle Nichols also said she had a feeling that there might be an attack at the race.  She told me she put that feeling in the back of her mind.  Gayle is now focusing on how lucky she and her family are that Cassidy is alive.  This is Cassidy's first Boston Marathon. 

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