Colorado Springs robbery suspects arrested in Pueblo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police say two people are facing numerous charges for robbing banks after they were picked up by police in Pueblo.

Casey Fernau, 28, and Emma Lasek, 22 were arrested Friday after allegedly trying to break into an ATM.

Police say Fernau and Lasek are responsible for two bank robberies and a carjacking in Colorado Springs over the past month.

The pair has been linked to robberies at a Key Bank branch at 3605 Hartsel Drive on May 10, and a TCF Bank branch at 7239 N. Academy Boulevard on June 2.

Police say Fernau and Lasek also tried to rob the TCF bank branch at 5470 E. Woodmen Road on June 2.

Fernau was armed during each of the robberies, and Lasek was the getaway driver according to police.

In addition to the charges they're facing for the robberies, Fernau and Lasek are facing charges for the armed carjacking of a woman on May 10 and the theft of a motorcycle on June 2. Police say they stole the vehicles just before robbing the banks.

Police say that during the Key Bank Robbery on May 10, Lasek activated a military-grade smoke grenade near the intersection of Woodmen Road and Lexington Drive as a diversion while Fernau robbed the bank.

Fernau and Lasek are facing multiple charges. They're being held on $500,000 bond.

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