Crime Stoppers most wanted fugitives for May 15, 2017

is a White Male, 53 years old, 6’ tall and 170 lbs., with blonde hair and hazel eyes.   DRAKE is wanted for First Degree Assault. 

is a White Female, 29 years old, 5, 4” tall, and 120 lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes.  EMEL is wanted for Escape.

is a White Female, 26 years old, 5’3”tall and 140 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes.  HARJO is wanted for Crimes Against At-Risk, Third Degree Assault.

HENRY MOORE is a Black Male, 47 years old, 6’2” tall, and 216 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes.  MOORE is wanted for Introd. Contraband, Identity Theft, 2nd Degree Burglary.

GEORGE MORGAN is a White Male, 59 years old, 5’5” tall and 130 lbs., with brown hair and green eyes.  MORGAN is wanted for False Information to Pawn Broker – Property Crimes.

JAMES WOLF is a White Male, 33 years old, 5’5” tall, and 130 lbs., with blonde hair and hazel eyes.  WOLF is wanted for False Imprisonment Force, DV.

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