CSPD updates body camera program rollout

CSPD Body Camera Update

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs Police Department says 440 body cameras are on the streets recording 3,500 hours of video per week. 

To launch the new body camera program, CSPD was one of 73 law enforcement agencies that received a $600,000 grant from the federal government.

"That the city had to match with an additional 600 thousand to get us two years of roll out on the project," said Commander Pat Rigdon.

For the past two years the department has been busy testing body cameras and their performance.

"One of our goals and one of our requirements through the grant that we received is to start to track the impact on citizen complaints," said Rigdon.

The planning and implementation process didn't come without any challenges.

"We had to physically touch everyone of our police cars, add equipment to that and make sure that equipment was running appropriately," Rigdon said.
So why did it take so long to release the cameras? Well, Rigdon said the uniforms slowed down the process.
"Outfitting 475 to 500 officers with new uniforms was no small undertaking," he said.
The good thing is: Rigdon said the camera technology can never 'slow down.' They're designed to always be "on" when they need to be.
For example: The cameras have motion sensors on them that will automatically turn on if an officer is running, fighting, or leaving the car with the lights activated.
Now, what's next? Rigdon says the department wants to focus on sorting out the uniform issues and continue their research.
Seeing the impacts of the cameras will take some time.
"At least six months, to start seeing the true impacts, if not a year," he said.
In the mean time, the department is arming cameras on officers with the most day-to-day interaction.

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