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10 arrested in connection to teen murders appear in court to hear charges against them

10 arrested in connection to teen...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Ten people who El Paso County investigators say they have linked to the deaths of Derek Greer and Natalie Partida appeared in court this morning to hear the charges against them. 

The deceased's family was also in the courtroom on Tuesday, coming face-to-face with the people accused of murdering their loved ones. 

Of the ten people arrested, five are facing first-degree murder charges. They are Gustavo Marquez, 19, Diego Chacon, 19, Joseph Rodriguez, 18, Alexandra Romero, 20, and Marco Garcia-Bravo, 20.

Marquez's aunt spoke publicly in front of the judge for him. 

"He's a good kid...He just turned 19. He's still transitioning into being an adult. Social media and everyone portrays those young kids to be innocent, and they're 100 percent straight honor students, nothing wrong. Nobody knows," said Tiffany Hiter, Marquez's aunt. 

Angelita Prado, 21, and Breeana Dahlberg, 20, face kidnapping charges.

Endo Velarde, 18, and Alander Wilson, 43, are accused of trying to influence a public official in relation to this case. Carlos Meza, 20, faces weapons charges. 

Derek Greer, 15, and Natalie Partida, 16,  were found dead on the shoulder of Old Pueblo Road south of Fountain on March 12.

Seven of the 10 have filed for a gag order.

The sheriff's office has not released information about how the teens were killed or a possible motive in the case. 

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