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Calhan residents say wind turbines are causing health issues

Calhan residents say wind turbines is...

CALHAN, Colo. - Calhan residents expressed their complaints towards wind turbines at a county meeting on Tuesday.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 was at that meeting to hear several passionate pleas from those who say they are fed up.

Residents say wind turbines, which became active in 2015, are destroying their livelihood and their lives.

“It's killing me. I have seizures now. If I sleep in the bunker, the seizures go away, but they come back,” explained Sandra Wolfe.

Wolfe is just one of several people who say they are having problems.

She says the evidence against the turbines is concrete.

According to research from a local scientist, they emit hazardous sound waves known as "infrasound." It's a phenomenon that only occurs near windmills.

“You cannot go into these areas... you're signing your own death sentence, and you need to have your life insurance paid,” said Deborah Stout-Meininger, Calhan resident.

County Commissioner Mark Waller told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that he has exchanged several emails with the group.

“I'm certainly tuned into this to the best of my ability, and if there is, in fact, some sort of issue related to this,” said Waller.

Some concerned residents claim they have been having trouble speaking to Waller, and that he has not responded to any sort of contact made by them.

The wind farm's owner, Nextera Energy Resources says it's not aware of any impact to livestock from wind turbine sounds.

Nextera says it's been successfully operating winds farms in Colorado for nearly a decade on lands leased from farmers.

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