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COS man who choked out burglar will not be charged

COLORADO SPRINGS - A man from Colorado Springs is no longer facing charges after he put the person who tried to steal from him in a chokehold back in January. 

Craig Uehling was headed to his home off Ruskin Drive at around 10 p.m. on January 22 when he saw a person, later identified as Scott Smith, Jr. dressed in all black walking in his driveway. 

Uehling followed Smith in his truck for a minute and then got out of the vehicle to confront Smith. As Uehling was on the phone with dispatch, Smith attacked Uehling, hitting him twice in the face. Uehling was able to avoid getting hit a third time and then put Smith in a chokehold. Smith blacked out and eventually stopped breathing. 

Smith was revived by paramedics and hospital personnel but suffered serious bodily injury.

When searching Smith, officers found stolen items from not only Uehling's property but also from other vehicles that were parked in Uehling's neighborhood. 

According to Colorado law, a person may defend himself if they are being attacked. A person may also use force on another person in order to prevent theft. Finally, a private citizen can use force on another person that has committed a crime in front of them, and it could help in their arrest. 

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