El Paso County Crime

Friend of man accused of killing teens shocked at charges

Men connected to teens' murder may have been in same gang

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - More information continues to unfold as another man identified as a person of interest in the double homicide of two teens. 

The El Paso County Sherif's Office is seeking Diego Chacon, also known as "Casper." 

This announcement comes after Gustavo Marquez was arrested Sunday as a suspect in Derek Greer and Natalie Partida's death. 

Adrian Ramos has known Marquez for nine years and was shocked to learn Marquez is behind bars for the teens' slaying. 

"I find that really surprising," Ramos said. "I know Gustavo and he's not that kind of kid to go and kill somebody." 

Friends describe Marquez as smart, lively, and fun to be around. 

Ramos said that's who he used to be, but said that version of Marquez faded as he started hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

"He just looked different. I felt like something was different about him," Ramos said. 

Marquez is currently booked in El Paso County Jail on a no bond warrant. He was charged in February with similar charges of kidnapping, assault, and child abuse from an altercation with his ex-girlfriend and son. 

It's unclear if Marquez was involved in a gang, but based on his Facebook page, he has posts calling himself a "Sureño" and pictures flashing gang signs. All suggesting he may have been a member. 

Chacon is also seen on his Facebook page wearing blue bandanas, a known color of the Sureños gang. He also commented "SUR GAnG OR DONT BAnG" on one of his photos as well. 

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said he also goes by "Casper." His nickname listed on his Facebook page is "CASPER'LOCO."

"There are Sureños everywhere. You have Bloods and Crips that have never been related to any other Blood and Crips or Sureños that are only Sureño because that's what they decided to be," Detective Jeremy Mathews with the FBI of Southern Colorado said. 

Ramos still can't believe his friend would ever take Partida and Greer's lives. 

"Gustavo's a really nice kid, when you really get to know him you will never see those kinds of reactions out of him," Ramos said. 

Marquez is expected to be in court next Tuesday. 

Anyone with any information regarding the case, or Chacon's whereabouts is asked to call the El Paso County Sheriff's Office at 719-390-5555.


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